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It's the outbreak of War
humanity is scared
a time for hurt
no one prepared.
Marching Soldiers
Machines that kill
fired upon people
shooting at will.
Races wiped out
at the click of a gun
tears and sadness
under the sun.
An army of hate
towards your fellow man
they try to hide
the children ran.
Soldiers on orders
killing all ages
rifles at the ready
bombs set with gauges.
Never forget
the millions who died
killed because of race
the people surprised.

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Mistakes were made and it’s too late to go back. I keep replaying it over and over, thinking ‘what if I did this’ or ‘what if I did that’ So now I sit alone, crying and slowly dying. Wanting to fix it all, but only futility  trying. A burning flame in my heart. The existence I never knew till it danced into my life. I had my chance but didn’t hold on tight. And now flame is gone, extinguished into the dark night. I would do anything to go back in time. Pay more attention and hold dearly the flame that was once mine. The flame illuminated my path and brightened every day. Now that it’s gone, I’m once again lost and know not what to say. She needed 100% and I gave less than that. No one to blame but myself, as I fade into black.


Depression Trials and tribulations were to much for her to bear.The war she fought inside no one seem to care.<><><><>Depression took over her mind, all she did was cry.She felt life wasn’t worth living and she wanted to die.<><><><>Before she left this world, her sins she needed to atone.Her heart was dark and empty cold as a stone.<><><><>On the beach that night, there were footprints in the sand.When she try to take her life, Jesus carried her in His hands.
Viola Jane Tabor © copyright 7/24/2012


The dusk falls on another day, but I have yet to see its splendour. Birds and children laugh without fear, for they don’t know the pain. My smiles have fallen upon blind eyes, and my words upon deaf ears. The dusk falls on another day, but I have yet to see its splendour. Heavy is my heart because of the truth, but it refuses to listen too close. Sunlight awakens and brings me to life, covering over the cavernous hole within. I walk and hope to hear her voice, but the silence screams in my ears.
Heavy is my heart because of the truth,
but it refuses to listen too close.
My soul whispers gently for her attention,
yet the night is my cold companion.
Anger and frustration rack my mind,
while my heart is wrapped in sadness.
Step by step I continue the journey,
longing only for the warmth of true love.
My soul whispers gently for her attention,
yet the night is my cold companion.
To whom do my cries find their way,
crisp air receiving their pain.
Hope dwells deep within my spirit
while her smile is burned upon the w…


She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellow'd to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.
One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impair'd the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o'er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.
And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!


Waltzing among the pleasant shore
Along the waters came high tide
In furious motion my blood did rise
As somber breaths unfurled
Ever so often a calm would come
And then I'd see my teardrops run
Looking beyond the clear blue sky
Along the waters came high tide
In furious motion my blood did rise
Looking beyond the clear blue sky
And then I'd see my teardrops run
Ever so often a calm would come
I stopped to watch the sunrise
Ever so often a calm would come
And then I'd see my teardrops run
Waltzing among the pleasant shore

Looking beyond the clear blue sky
Along the waters came high tide
In furious motion my blood did rise
As somber breaths unfurled


Where rivers and Seas meet.. What fish breaths from it air.. Do not judge me..
By what, soil I stand on,..
Like a seed, before the rains come..
Cast no shadow on my stand..
Before the sun rise..
To have seen me as passers by do..
And leave, but just a glance..
On me, with pity eyes..
Save it, pity eyes, save it..
Ever seen seeds with shoots of roots..
Come from the earth, in germination..
Who was it, that held watering cans..
And I breathe..
Where, rivers and seas meet..
No longer, am I to be labelled..
As a salty fish or another..
I breathe, breed and prosper..
Where rivers..
And seas meet


Have I lost fear Of the other side?
From now forth...

I'll be one and only
As long as I am here
I'll stay
Maybe even pray.

Although some times...

Honesty is such a rainbow
Truth a whirlwind.

Although sometimes
Dawn might seem
Not ever again to come.

Although sometimes
That tomorrow is so dark
And then I could not say
I am here to stay
even if I prayed.

Although sometimes
Guilt comes to kill
Fright my best enemy
Hatred my only sanity.

I'll have to stay
Be one and only
Even though
As long as I am here
There's not much
Nothing real...

And although sometimes
I still hope to find
Things I did not know I had

From now forth...
I'll make no promises.


Everyday I had a dream of us holding hands; Kissing and basking under the moon on green lands;
Wanted taking you places and get you shopping in the mall;
Always on my mind, I even had pictures of you on my wall;
For six years straight I harboured this feeling;
No soul did I tell, I had been so concealing.
I had to eject from the shelf, I had to let go my cowardice;
I had to brave up myself, to halt dancing to my imaginary melodies;
Finally, I showed up in your place and *Knock knock* on your door;
You banged the door on me after throwing my gift on the floor;
It’s exclusively crazy, cuz I tattooed your name on my left arm,
Quite messy, because I went too far, now I feel like ‘damn’.
You went as far as to shred my note and burn my flower;
It hurts gravely, it’s like throwing me down the highest tower;
You detested my presence and flew away like a sparrow;
So fast that I couldn’t even have a glimpse of your shadow;
The poems I wrote, you said they were stupid;
You shot that arrow, and now here lies my d…



Beneath my feet, there is something I cannot comprehend
Between my breaths, I have an anxiety that never ends
In the darkness of my pupil there is a reflection of what I’ve been looking for
Suspended on my finger tips is the one thing I want
On the tip of my tongue, its name escapes me
The hair on the back of my neck stands as I feel its breath
A chill like the touch of a boney finger runs down my spine
This experience, for the first time in years, is something new
I can feel its eyes, staring deep into my eyes
I can feel its hand grabbing at what remains of the boy I once was
All that remains of me is a shadow on the ground
Exposed by the light, the man that I have reluctantly become
Does it know what I have forsaken to keep this much?
Can it understand that all that separated us is gone?
Standing here, I invoke in it what it wanted from me
The persistent chill in the air disappears under my breath
The whistle in the wind falls silent in the presence of my smile
The clouds hide the sun, who is too …


+ Every moment of pain
lets you know you’re alive.
Every moment of joy
lets you know it’s worth it.
+ Fuck fake
I’ll wear my heart on my sleeve,
It beats for me, not for you
+ I am a woman
I long for her
smile and comfort
Why can’t I love her?
I am a man
I adore his strength
and his tenderness
Why can’t I embrace him?
I am a human
of beauty and flaws.
Treat me like a person.
I am cold and lonely
I seek love like you.
I am a Christian
worshiping God next to you.
I am a Muslim
bowing five times a day with you.
I am a soldier
dying to protect you.
I am me
and I love.
Does it matter who
in a world of fear and hate?
+ “I” emails, midnight texts,
bangs on my door
while I’m still in bed.
Good-mood vampire–
can’t banish you;
Whining “friend”–draining me
to replenish your well of tears
as you cry on my shoulder
while gnawing at my spirit.
The shoulder rub,
the pat on your back,
the “It’ll be okay” assurance
don’t stop you
from taking it out on me.
Abuse no more
my friendship, my heart.
Comfort you shall not have
till you fix your own damn …


Sleep is for prisoners. A way to block out the constraints placed upon them. If only for a short while in each cycle of 24 hours. But you can't sleep; you sing to yourself and to anyone who will listen in the edges of brightness and darkness. ----- So beautiful that only the brightest of diamonds are allowed to trickle into the depths of her being.
The tongue of a mistress
The markings of mackerel on skin
Greasy like your hands
A sign of work created by malice
Hair may well shine
But eyes are dead
A smell of sulphur, ready to explode
a chemical voice into my ears

Downhill we roll,
wrapping ourselves in sweet coatings of stable roots

Grey cheeks, pallor flesh
But I am still pink on the inside

Your wings are cumbersome
and cling heavily to your body as if alien in being.
I will give you freedom. I will pull away from your flesh those hurtful wings;
Unload the burden of torturous extensions.
You'll feel lighter, your feet will grow new claws
You will push out and stand heavy on th…


Forever, I could watch these yellow pansies swaying against the cerulean sky
and listen to the clink of ice cubes;
swirling my glass in circles
like the links of our lives:
first training wheels, first love,
efforts finally seeing fruition,
closed doors, open windows,
love like the first time,
wedding bands—
and your hands,
sweetly circling my back:
hands that hold my hands,
hands that wipe my salty tears;
hands that planted yellow pansies
against the cerulean sky.


Hot afternoon i’m drinking blood in this red-hot afternoon blood with white transparent particles on it savouring every sip the colour paints my lips bloody red
the smell isn’t  
appealing as it used to
a comfort
in this hot thirsty afternoon
my raspberry juice.


There’s something sad about Alice She sits there sipping her tea
Half-gone the cup
Half-gone the eyes
As she listens to the song of the sea
Rocks with a bend of her knee, on the
Porch of her weatherboard palace.
There’s something sad about Alice
Her gaze runs away to the trees
Pale soft the skin
Pale green the eyes
With lashes that long to fly free
Won’t you flutter them just once at me?
Sweet indifference is what becomes Alice.
There’s something sad about Alice
She slips to her caravan to sleep
Cold dark the night
Cold dark the bed
As she listens to the song of the sea
Rocks with a bend of her knee, and
Collects her tears in a chalice.
There’s something sad about Alice
She’s leaving today for the city
Large white the van
Large white the man
Who takes her away to fly free
Away from the song of the sea
Away from her weatherboard palace.


I am inside your mind,
Chipping away at your thoughts,
Biting down on your dreams,
Capturing your very essence--
Only to fulfil my every need.
I need to breathe,
I will steal your breath.
I need to see,
I will use your eyes.
I need to speak,
I will taste your tongue.
I need to feel,
I will take your hands.
All I want is one more taste,
And you are just enough to get me high.
I will use your skin and your words,
Lifting me to a better place.
My sadness will cover the earth,
And souls everywhere will suffer.
I want you to feel what I have felt.
Just for a moment, and tell me...


Hope, what have you done?
You've betrayed me again,
Turned my eyes towards hell.
You took a piece of my heart,
Slipped it in your pocket
A souvenir of your deed
With an unbreakable string to bind,
You know I'll be back,
And without a doubt I will.
You're an addiction,
 One worse than any drug,
 I'll never be able to live without you.
 So piece by piece, Please take my heart,
 Every last bit. Cause as long as I have you,
 I can handle the profound pain.


Looking behind me, there’s an empty space.
Looking before me, I see no joy.
My yesterday was filled with so much laughter,
My tomorrow is shadowed by so much sorrow,
There is no need to keep this space alight,
For my joy has said its final farewell today.
The light that shone right through my heart,
The heart that used to beat together with mine,
The smile that broke my walls of pain,
And tenderly took my heart for keeps.
The love that touched my soul within,
The strength that gave me half with love,
The man I loved with all my heart,
The love that shone each night and each day,
I love him, though I waited too long to wake up.
When I try to take a step forward,
The love I have for him won’t let me go.
When I try to spread my wings and fly,
The wind beneath me won’t keep me up.
I need my love, my partner, my friend,
I need my smile, my joy, my laughter.
I need him to come and take me in him,
I love this man, a thousand times than I did before.
He gave me his heart. I threw it back at him,
He took my hand in h…


You are young
but tired of life
tried to forge a new way
it’s impossible to stay
on track
Can you sense the strife?
reality has taken a turn
what’s left but to burn
the rules in the stack
Reality had a place
it’s there in your mind
otherwise its hard to find
what you lack
Should you bend rules?
try to return
when you have had to learn
there’s no turning back
Photo: Sacramento, California History
Creative Commons


New life, new love, new light, praise be
This wonderment that now we see
Grant this sweet child long life & grace
And e'er more a loving embrace
Wisdom, strength, love & ever more
Be always present at thy core
May all who hear this, where'er thou roam,
Know this sweet angel is now home.


Every morning when I wake I see your face and smile
Warm in bed All night long
Sleeping next to you.
Every time that we quarrel
I hold it all inside
Because I know Everything will be fine
Sleeping next to you.
Every day that we're together
I cherish life even more
Good and bad We're together
Sleeping next to you.
Every night when you close your eyes
I tuck you in gently
Keeping you warm Keeping you safe
Sleeping next to you.


Thunders rolling,
Lightning clashing,
Rains falling,
Winds twirling,
The sky was all colors
Train sounds coming,
Things started flying,
Sand stirring,
Oh God what do I see
This disaster is taking
My home from me.

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